Creating a Healthier, More Connected Community

The Greenhouse Project’s focus is to educate both children and adults about the relationship between the foods we eat and our personal and public health. We promote a food ecosystem that is healthy for people, the environment and animals, and which promotes disease prevention through diet, movement and active living. As a public charity, our programs benefit education, wellness, nutrition, and local hunger projects.

Gardening/Horticulture Programs

Educational programs built around empowering people to grow their own food and to re-establish the link between fresh, wholesome food and improved health. We offer beginner through intermediate level classes in all phases of gardening – whether you have containers on your patio or a plot of earth for growing from seed.

Nutrition Education & Cooking

Everyday cooking can be more fun, delicious and healthful! Occasional cooking classes and nutritional classes for both adults and kids are a fun way to help people develop a deeper relationship between fresh food and their health.

Our featured nutrition program, Empowered Eating offers education and support for those interested in adapting a more plant-based lifestyle and diet. Monthly classes and quarterly book clubs give our community fellowship and vital information to help make daily choices that improve health and vitality. For information about Empowered Eating programs, email us at:

Healthy Active Lifestyle Programs

Our bodies were made to move – and we love doing just that with group events like yoga classes (online & in person), nature & horticultural walks, kayaking, exercise, etc. We also organize special events like our “Meet the Grower” tours where we visit different farms, and more.

Creative Arts Programs

We believe that our creative side needs to be well-fed and exercised as much as our physical bodies do. Our creative arts programs do just that – provide nourishment for our whole selves through interactive classes (both online and in person) in areas like art, literature & creative writing, printmaking, circus arts, hand-crafts, and more.

School & Youth Programs

We work with schools, after-school, and community groups to educate young people about their food sources, encourage healthy eating habits, and foster within each child a wonder of nature that will flourish as they continue to grow and mature. Hands-on and engaging, our youth programs encourage interaction and cooperation while stimulating individual curiosities and growing new skillsets. For information about our School or Youth Programs, email

Outdoor & Active Older Adults (OAOA)

OAOA is a special initiative for older adults – a full schedule of programs throughout the year offered at no cost to Lackawanna County residents ages 60 and up (and at low cost to those outside of Lackawanna County). Programs in the OAOA schedule include creative arts, yoga, kayaking, nature walks, gardening, and farm tours. Information about OAOA is available here – along with the schedule of programs and a link to register for this initiative.


Plant Sale Fundraising Events

Fundraisers feed our mission – and connect us to our neighbors at the same time. We host seasonal plant fundraising sales in The Greenhouse, where each plant you purchase directly supports our public programs. Not only will you get beautiful, healthy flowers and plants (there is a difference!), but your money directly benefits the people who live in your community. That’s a win-win!

Annual HoneyBee & Harvest Day

The first weekend of October is our Annual HoneyBee & Harvest Day! It’s a fun day to just bee together with everyone in the community, all while creating a buzz around the importance of pollinators to our harvests, our food supply! We also just love to have fun out in the community – so watch for pop-up fundraisers throughout the city all year long. All proceeds benefit our public education programs.

Photos of the 2021 HoneyBee & Harvest Day – with thanks to Broady Photography