Know Your Poison

Learn what these dangerous plants look like and  remember:

  • More than 80% of people are allergic and will develop painful breakouts.
  • Even if you have not had a reaction in the past, repeated contact increases the risk of developing an allergy.
  • Keep pets away, they will pass the oil secreted by these leaves to you!

So when removing them from your garden always:

  • Cover your skin. Wear gloves, sturdy shoes, long pants, long sleeves, eye protection.
  • Do not touch parts of your body with potentially contaminated gloves or clothing.
  • Wash all clothing that has come into contact with the plants, separate to other laundry and as soon as possible.
  • Wash your skin. If you cleanse thoroughly after contact you can minimize the chances of a reaction or eliminate it. And if you do develop a rash, treat with a specialized product or seek medical attention if necessary.
  • Wash the tools you used.
  • Dispose of the plant and surrounding surface litter or soil in sealed bags.

Poison Ivy

Poison Oak

Poison Sumac