Hanging Baskets

Glorious Summer Hanging Baskets

Available 2020


Year after year The Greenhouse produces simply the finest hanging baskets. Packed full of compatible plants and brimming with flowers, the price is always unbeatable.




What makes our baskets the best?

  • *We start with the basket. It’s thick durable plastic that won’t split and the rim will not crack. The hangers are tough and will hold the weight of a fully laden basket. It will not fall!
  • Our baskets are large and will hold a lot of water, perfect for those long hot summer days. On the hottest days you can expect to water morning and evening but unlike the shallow and small baskets, no watering three or four times a day to stop them drying out.
  • We pack the baskets with lightweight compost full of nutrients to give your plants the best start in life. While growing in the most perfect of conditions, we continue to feed them so you know they’ll reach their full blooming potential.
  • We only use the best healthy vigorous  plants and our mixed baskets are grouped for perfect compatibility. Not just color! We carefully consider the foliage and growing needs. Ask where your basket will thrive: Full sun/partial sun/shade.

Care Of Your Basket

  1. Pick the basket to suit the location and check safety of the hook/hanger
  2. Don’t let the basket dry out, check it at least daily to see if it needs water
  3. Deadhead the flowers
  4. Fertilize it
  5. Keep an eye on the weather
  6. Enjoy!

In other words: You’ve picked the most gorgeous basket and you’ve checked it will be happy where you plan to hang it. Now what?

  • Get it home safely. Make sure it doesn’t tip in the car. Hang it if possible.
  • Safety first. Make sure your hook is secure enough to hold the weight. A fully watered basket will be heavy!
  • Watering. Your basket contains closely spaced plants and their roots grow quickly. Crowded and thirsty roots need frequent watering, especially during the summer. It’s advisable to  check your baskets daily and on hot sunny days it may be necessary to water more than once a day.
  • Popping a finger into the compost is a great test of how dry it is but also get to know the weight of the basket. Your compost may have dried out on the surface but the roots might still be sitting in moist compost. A heavy basket is a happy basket. 
  • It’s not only sun that will dry out your basket. A breeze will draw moisture from the leaves and the plant will drink more; even on a cool day. If you expect a breezy day some extra water will also weight down your basket and stop it swinging. If its going to be exceptionally windy, bring in the basket as the hanging foliage will suffer.
  • Try not to let the soil dry out completely. It will cause the plant to wilt, the compost to separate from the sides of the basket making it difficult to water. If this happens place the basket in a tub of water for just a couple of hours (long periods in standing water may cause root rot) so water is absorbed slowly from the bottom of the container. Once fully moist hang it back up and hope that your plants recover.
  • Fertilize your basket to maximize blooming potential. We’ve given them a great start but the compost will run out of nutrients. Water soluble fertilizers or slow release granular fertilizers with a 1:2:1 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are ideal. Fertilizers that are high in nitrogen should be avoided as they cause excessive vegetative growth at the expense of flowers. Always remember to read and follow the label directions carefully to apply appropriate amounts of fertilizer.
  • Deadheading (the removal of dead or dying flowers) larger blooming plants like petunia and geranium, prevents seed from forming and will help keep plants in bloom throughout the season.

*The Greenhouse is considering a program that will allow you to recycle your empty basket and receive a discount on next years planted basket. More information will be posted on the website and Facebook page when available.